Duncan McClean

👋 I'm Duncan

I build community-focused web applications at Steadfast Collective and I build a tone of Statamic addons in my spare time.

Open-source development packages we've released so far in 2021

I wrote a little about the recent open-source packages we've released at Steadfast Collective.


Using Statamic on Laravel Vapor

When setting up Statamic with Laravel Vapor, there's a couple of things to watch out for. I cover them in this post.


Testing with Stripe Elements in Laravel Dusk

You need to test payments, probably the most important part of your web application. Well, here's a real simple way to do that with Dusk.

Get rid of red bars in Sketch

Red bars can be annoying, especially if you can't get rid of them. They defiantly drove me round the bend.

Install Imagick with Laravel Valet

Quick tutorial on installing Imagick on Mac, alongside your Laravel Valet installation.

Introduction to Fabric

A little about Fabric - a thing I built to quickly scaffold PHP, Laravel and Statamic packages. (it's got a video too)


Simple Commerce has launched!

The story of me building Simple Commerce - my e-commerce Statamic addon. It's taken months from prototype to launch but I think it's an awesome product.

Building a Likes addon in Statamic 3

This post walks you through the process of building a Statamic Likes addon, from bootstrapping to writing the code and setting up tests.

Move S3 objects from one AWS account to another

A really simple tutorial on copying objects over from an old AWS account to a new one.

Use Laravel's Maintenance Mode in Statamic

Now that Statamic is just a package inside a Laravel application, it means you can take advantage of Laravel features. There's a Laravel feature called Maintenance Mode which means visitors will see a 'site down' message.

Setting up for Statamic addon development

Setting up for developing a Statamic 3 addon can be tough. Especially if you've never done package development before. In this post, I guide you through the process of getting everything setup.