I've made a list of everything I use on a day to day basis to get work done!

At my desk

On my Mac

  • 1Password

  • Alfred - I use it's "Workflows" feature pretty heavily for managing Forge servers & browsing documentation for Laravel, Statamic and Tailwind.

  • Discord - for the Statamic community

  • GitHub Desktop

  • Google Chrome

  • Hammerspoon - I use Hammerspoon to make my life a little easier by scripting some things

  • HELO

  • iTerm

  • Loom - great for recording bug reproductions & bug fixes, especially when you're working with clients all day.

  • Ray

  • Rocket

  • Sketch - it's the only design tool I know how to use 🙈

  • Slack

  • Spotify

  • TablePlus

  • Tinkerwell - honestly the best £26 I've ever spent

  • Tuple - for great pair programming

  • Things - for regular to-dos & organising small projects

  • Tweetbot - makes Twitter a better experience, would highly recommend!

  • VS Code

In my pocket