Duncan McClean

About Me

I'm a Web Developer at Steadfast Collective, where I help to build community focused Saas apps for our clients.

In my opinion, I get to work with probably the best tech stack out there: Laravel, Statamic, Inertia.js, Tailwind CSS and Vue.

Outside of work, I'm quite involved in the Statamic community. I'm regularly helping fellow developers out on Discord and triaging GitHub issues for the team.

I also have a couple of side projects, all Statamic related 😆. My primary side project is Simple Commerce, a simple e-commerce addon for Statamic. There's a full list over on GitHub.

When I'm not staring at code, I like going for walks around my local area, playing Mario Kart on my Switch or watching Line of Duty on TV.

If you want to say hi, please do! Just email duncan dot mcclean at hey dot com.