Duncan McClean

How to Force Remove Service Worker from Chrome

6th November 2019

So I recently created a service worker for one of my apps so I could turn it into a Progressive Web App.

Although, for some reason I was under the impression that I should cache the main page of my app. I later realised that it was a very bad idea.

I think I'm the only user of the site that came across this issue before I patched it but I found it quite a pain to unregister the service worker and bust it's cache so I could get the latest version of the page from the server.

I had to do this process on both my MacBook and on my Android phone, so here's both of those processes:

Chrome on the MacBook

The first thing to do is to open up Developer Tools and head to the 'Application' tab. In there it has its own little sidebar. Go to the 'Service worker' part of that. There it should give you the option of 'Unregistering' your service worker. Click on that link and also go and clear the whole site's cache because why not.

Chrome on the Android phone

The first thing to do is to go to the site, tap on the site's security padlock (or warning sign ⚠️) and tap on Site settings. Then tap on Clear & reset. Then just refresh the page and you should be good to go!